1968: revolution in Civita Castellana

Colavene is the first of 6 companies founded in the ’60s by Giovanni Colamedici in Civita Castellana, in the industrial district of Alto Lazio.

He invented the laundry furniture, on the basis of the first modern kitchens. Colavene under-sink elements, but also washbasin and shoe racks, quickly conquered the plumbing market and home furnishing market.

The Colamedici’s Family

One of the great secrets of success in Made in Italy is linked to the family and in particular to the cohesion of family companies, which are able to pass on know-how but also passion. The same that inspired the founder and then the sons Gianfranco, Lauretta, Adriana and today the grandchildren.

The third generation is already working to combine the still very high dexterity with the new technologies, always with a view to quality control. A quality that runs through the entire production chain, certified ISO 90052/94 before any other in the industry.

2020: beyond Pandemic!

The living-bathroom collection Colavene 20.20, represents the evolution of functional furniture, designed by the Colamedici’s family. Not only laundry, not only bathroom: the furniture becomes fluid and makes the house more organized but always with style.

Water-repellent materials, accurate finishes and a great intake of the typical craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

The four souls of Colavene Spa

In addition to producing furniture and washbasins branded Colavene, the company offers a wide range of bathroom furniture solutions thanks to sanitary ware made of high-quality AXA ceramics; Colacril whirlpools and Tamanaco multifunctional shower stall. With the acquisition of the three companies, Colavene Spa is now a leader in the practical and functional furnishing of any environment.